Short and Long-Term Effects of Bad Air Quality

In case you fail to keep up with the healthy indoor climate, you and your family might have to face immediate or long-term consequences. Sometimes, the main problem lies dormant until it has caused irreparable damage to the human system. Some people experience irritation in eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, fatigue, and dizziness. These short-term effects are treatable if identified on time and prevent aggravation of the problem.

Other times, people who are exposed to harmful air on a regular basis suffer from long-term effects. It includes respiratory diseases, heart diseases, and even cancer. We all have different reactions when our body is exposed to indoor air pollutants. But there is no doubt that these pollutants are harmful. That’s the main reason; many households rely on indoor air quality monitors to ensure that they are not living in an unhealthy climate.

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Primary Causes of Indoor Air Problems:

In order to maintain a healthy indoor climate, we need to identify the substances that are already present in our households and plummeting our health. We know that inadequate ventilation increase indoor pollutants by not bringing the outdoor air inside that can dilute the emissions from indoor substances. Moreover, it can’t carry indoor air pollutants outside the house, resulting in high temperature and humidity levels. The sources of these pollutants are:

  • Appliances that use fuel
  • Tobacco products 
  • Building materials and furnishing products such as pressed wood products, newly installed flooring, upholstery, carpet, or deteriorated asbestos
  • Household cleaning and maintenance products like phenyl, bleaching chemicals, and even personal care products
  • Central heating and cooling systems with humidification devices
  • Excess of moisture
  • Outdoor sources such as air pollution, pesticides, and harmful gases like radon

Measures to Maintain Healthy Indoor Climate: 

Under the Environmental Justice movement, EPA has defined and addressed various measures that can be taken to keep the indoor air quality ideal. As long as children, elderly, and other people with severe respiratory diseases are inside a healthy indoor climate, they can live in comfort.

Hence, all households needs need to take care of their ventilation systems to reduce the health risks of bad air quality. You can either install a new and improved ventilation system or consider using air quality monitors. While some people choose the ventilation system over monitors, it is our duty to suggest using monitors as well. Just achieving an ideal healthy indoor climate is not enough; we need to manage it afterward.

 Air Quality Monitors is a system that is solely dedicated to purifying the indoor air by all means necessary, and we get to live in an environment that is suitable for everyone. Nonetheless, there are many things that you can do on your own to improve the air quality.


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 Final Words:

Just imagine the amount of bad air we breathe in and how seriously it can affect the people. Sometimes, people try to avoid going out just to steer away from all the outside pollution. But, Climate change is amplifying the existing health risks within the walls of our homes as well. Now, even the indoor air is not good enough for us. So, we need to appropriately target the cause and adopt cost-effective measures that can minimize these risks. Keeping an indoor climate healthy will prevent the risks of allergies, infections, viruses, and other ailments.


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