About Us

Stellate Corp. is a leader in consumer healthcare and the global manufacturer, importer and distributor of Medical Devices and Healthy Lifestyle products. The company’s products are sold to leading healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and other medical establishments, as well as direct to consumers.

We are a company dedicated in giving the customers the best service and products on the market, to prove that we have more than 100 positive feedbacks in our website, and counting more every day!

Stellate is a business in which every member of the team has "customer satisfaction" as their main priority. We want you to feel comfortable and safe while shopping with us.

We believe that having open communication with the customers can help any business grow because communication always results in a positive feedback between the two parts involved. While shopping, this thing is very important because any kind of flaw in the product or service can borrow the customer, and on most occasion the issue can be resolved with just having an open chat between the seller and the buyer, as simple as that.


Smile – We leave our clients with a smile
Timely – Promptly respond to clients questions and concerns 
Excellent – We offer excellent products quality and support
Learning – We learn something new everyday
Loyalty – We show loyalty to our clients 
Awesome – We have an awesome team to support our clients 
Teamwork – Teamwork Makes a Dreamwork
Eager – We are eager to hear feedback from our clients 



Stellate Team