Just Ask Your Caddie

Do you need a Rangefinder?


The golf season has started. You rip your first drive down the fairway and now it is time to hit your approach tight. What club do you choose? Just ask your caddie – they will pull out a pin sheet, calculate exact yardage to the pin, adjust for any slope and tell you the perfect club.

Wait? You do not have a caddie or a pin sheet? Ok, so you count the number of strides between you and an imperfectly measured 150-yard stake, you guess the pin is a few yards past middle of the green, and this shot looks a little downhill. Probably a 6-iron, right? This exercise probably took you 60 to 90 seconds and how confident do you feel about that 6-iron? Golf is a game of precision and this does not feel very precise.

Doubt is a dangerous feeling in golf. If you are not confident in your club selection, how will you make a confident swing? You hope the 6-iron is the correct club, but no one ever hoped a ball on to the green.

The right rangefinder can be your pocket caddie – always available to give you the exact yardage and you do not have to tip it every round. Stop guessing your yardage and know it.


How Do You Pick the Right Rangefinder?

 The right rangefinder can save you time and make your game more precise. You will have exact yardage in 5 seconds or less and it is easy to learn how far you hit your different clubs when there is no doubt about the length of your shots.

What are the differences between rangefinders on the market? What are the key features you should look for before making a purchase?

  • Size – you do not want something that is bulky and takes up too much space in your bag or cart. Look for a compact design that can easily hang on the side of your bag or even fit in your pocket
  • Pin Seeker – ensure you purchase a rangefinder that has some sort of pin confirmation technology. When using one, it is easy to pick up a tree or hill behind the green instead of the flag. Look for a model that gives you an indication that it has found the pin.
  • Jolt/Vibration – many have an added feature to validate you are getting the correct yardage – once it locks in on the pin, it will jolt or vibrate in your hands. You can now have confidence in the number presented. Feel the jolt and pick your club!
  • Slope Adjustment – a very cool feature – some golf rangefinders can determine the angle between you and the flag. Using this angle, it adjusts for the fact that the shot is either uphill or downhill and provides you with a yardage the shot should play. If you are a competitive golfer, this feature needs to be turned off during tournaments, but it is a huge help during casual rounds or when you are practicing.

Final Thoughts

 The correct rangefinder can take your game to the next level. It can improve your pace of play, improve your accuracy, and make the game more enjoyable. Enjoy the confidence of always knowing your exact yardage and go make more birdies!

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