Who Uses Golf Rangefinders?

The use of Golf Rangefinders isn't limited to any specific type of golfer, they can be used by anyone. Some professional golf players use them during their practice and pro-Am rounds as well. However, most of the main matches of the tournaments don't allow the use of rangefinders unless the slope function can be turned off.

Stellate Golf Rangefinders

What To Look For In The Golf Rangefinder?

If you are thinking of getting golf rangefinder, then let us help you determine what features you should consider before buying them. There are many aspects that will help the players to get the best tool for assistance in the golf course.

  • Accuracy: The primary function of the rangefinder is an accurate measurement. Unreliable rangefinders give inaccurate results that cost the golfer the whole game.
  • Range: Consider getting a rangefinder whose range is twice as far as you would use in practical use. The higher range will allow you to recalibrate the maximum range as per requirement.
  • Magnification: Magnification is the feature that will allow the player to see long-range targets easily. Weak magnification in the rangefinder will be worthless after all.
  • Slope: The slope feature in the rangefinder can be handy as it accounts for the slope as well in calculating the yardage. The elevation of the hole can significantly change the distance and force required to hit the ball.
  • Optics: Similar to binoculars, a good quality rangefinder must have high-grade optical lenses to determine the target and yardage.
  • Battery: Get a device that has either a rechargeable battery or batteries that can be found easily, even though these devices don't use much battery, but it is vital to keep an alternative.
  • Scan Speed: It is the time taken by the golf rangefinder to lock into the desired target. The faster the speed of scanning, the more time the player get into creating a strategy.
  • Waterproofing: Most of the golf courses are located in an area that experiences rain very often. Hence, waterproofing is a feature that will always come in handy into your rangefinder.
  • Durability: Durability, ruggedness, and shockproof are also some useful features
  • Ease of Use: The golf rangefinder is another piece of technology that the golfer can carry in the bag and take out in the time of need. Furthermore, they are super easy to use and provide quick and accurate answers.

The golf rangefinders technology has made it very simple to obtain the yardage in the course. However, make sure that you don't rely entirely on these devices as you won't be able to use them in the tournament. Your judgment is the best thing that you can use in real matches. But as far as practices or fun matches go, you can use golf rangefinders freely.


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